Why Choose Us?

Our Pricing

Altovart offers highly competitive prices but our prices are often cheaper than competitors who provide the same quality service. To add to that, all our services are fully inclusive and have no hidden extra charges attached to them.


Our Clients Recommend Us

90% of our new business comes from client referrals. Our clients love what we do and they do not hesitate to recommend us to their families, friends and colleagues.


We're Results Oriented

We're not interested in vain solutions or the coolest trends. We focus on results. We know you require solutions that help your business grow. We provide effective solutions, which most of our competitors cannot deliver.


Reliable and efficient service

We offer fast turnaround times and we do not miss deadlines.

We do not make promises we know we cannot keep. We advise our customers on the day we will have their work finalised and when we will present it to them. We do everything possible to meet that deadline and if anything comes up that is beyond our control we advise our clients of our progress and why we are taking longer than anticipated.

If any payment was made in advance for work we didn’t do, we will refund the client.


Absolute Commitment to Customer Service

We listen, we put ourselves in your shoes, we understand and empathise with every one of your challenges.

We continually improve our services to meet our customers’ everchanging needs.