Consistent, excellent results.

Our Services

We provide project advisory and delivery solutions, tailored to meet our clients’ specific business needs.

We provide an entirely independent service guaranteeing our clients’ interests are always at the forefront of decisions and actions. We are different from other firms because of:

Our people.  For each project we bring a wealth of cross-disciplinary experience. We form specialist teams with deep knowledge and understanding of the specific industries involved.

Our passion.  We are immensely passionate beings. We love what we do and we fall in love with every project we undertake. Otherwise we simply wouldn’t do it.

Our products.  We only work with products of high quality and we give our all to produce products of the highest quality and standards.

Our pride.  We take great pride in the work we do and the contribution we make in the lives of our clients. We sow this pride into the minds and hearts of our clients in every interaction with them.

Our prices.  We have long established that real value is not cheap and so we put in the cost of quality in our products. We however put a lot of consideration into the budgets of our clients and we do our best to produce the best quality at affordable prices


  • We take pride in staying abreast of global advances and evolving needs. We believe that Entrepreneurship is a critical component in the Advancement of any society. Our Entrepreneurship arm works with innovators in creating and developing sustainable businesses.


  • Technology growth is very close to our heart. We work closely with various organizations with a similar passion of technological empowerment. We aim to give honest and objective advice to customers. We make it a point to thoroughly understand our customers' business needs first before prescribing a solution.


  • Kriiators is a Design, Technology and Marketing agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa, serving both local and global clients. To put it simply; We create awesome designs, solve big problems and help grow unforgettable businesses.


  • We are passionate about young people and the education sector. Our efforts are aimed at helping young people into becoming empowered individuals who are able to make a significant contribution to our economy as well as creating Legacies for generations to come.

Our Business Principles

Stability:We are who we say we are; we honour our commitments and keep our promises.

Relationships:We build mutually respectful, long term win-win relationships.

Innovation: We are imaginative, creative and innovative as we generate ideas and solutions.

Quality: We have extraordinary standards that we continuously surpass.

Growth: We are committed to continuous improvement and enhancement of our knowledge, skills and capacity.